Return-to-sport guidelines for CORA clubs and paddlers under COVID mitigation in Canada

(5 JUNE 2020) CORA clubs and paddlers are responsible participants in public health. CORA has compiled guidance from provincial, regional and local public health officers and health authorities to assist member clubs and paddlers to develop return-to-sport plans for clubs and paddlers whose communities have moved into “phase 2” COVID-mitigation environments. Provided that local authorities permit paddling activities within their phase 2 measures, CORA clubs are urged to draw from these mitigation resources and guidelines to develop their own access-to-sport strategies and communicate them to their paddlers. 

At this time, with accountable measures in place, many outrigger paddlers in communities under phase 2 mitigation protocols can enjoy rewarding solo (OC1) recreational activity on the water. For detailed information, please review CORA’s consolidated COVID resources and guidelines, available HERE

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