2020 Sprints Cancelled by IVF, 2021 Distance Selection starts NOW

2 thoughts to “2020 Sprints Cancelled by IVF, 2021 Distance Selection starts NOW”

  1. Is there a list of paddlers who are trying out for the Distance race yet?
    It was difficult to organize both the 50 and 60 men’s team for Mooloolaba. Should we be trying to organize pre determined teams? Who do we send tt results to?
    Thanks Dean Dogherty

    1. Hi Dean,
      thanks for the questions! The IVF Committee is preparing an e-mail with tt info to be sent out soon. In the short term, it’s best to address specific questions to the committee directly at ivf@canadianoutrigger.ca.

      Regarding the list of paddlers, at this point, registration has just recently opened. There are quite a few registrants already, but a list of those people won’t be available until the first round of time trial results comes in.

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