CORA’s Mandate

  • To foster and develop the sport of outrigger racing in Canada
  • To set standards of equipment and safety for outrigger racing in Canada
  • To organize outrigger races in Canada
  • To represent Canadian outrigger racers at international forums for outrigger racing
  • To qualify Canadian outrigger racers for participation in international outrigger races

Founded on May 1, 1992, CORA is a non-profit association run by an Executive Committee. As a non-profit association, the members are the elected officials and directors as well as the voting body. The directors are voted into office during an annual general meeting where all members are able to vote.

In order for the directors to make a decision they must have a minimum of six directors present to vote. The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, the Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Officer of Memberships, and an Officer of Education. With the exception of the President, who is elected by the full membership, the Committee members are appointed by the Directors.

Share the same passion

Membership with CORA not only allows its members to interact with others who share the same passion but also offers protection and opportunities in the international racing community.

Check out the following link for a full listing of the many benefits of becoming a CORA member.

CORA provides third party liability insurance to members, coaches, officers and volunteers in racing and training at CORA sanctioned events in Canada. CORA belongs to the International Va’a Federation, permitting the members to race internationally.