CORA Boat Maintenance Product Recommendations

Below are the boat maintenance product recommendations discussed by Dan Hund and Tristan Hayton during the recent CORA Town Hall #4 (Sat, Apr 24, 2021): OC1 Maintenance and Repair.

3M™ Rubbing Compound, 05973, 946 ml

Use this with a clean dry cloth to remove paddle hit marks around the cockpit as well as scuffs and oxidation on the canoe and ama.

3M™ Rubbing Compound, 05973, is a medium cutting compound that works to remove P1200 and finer sand scratches in automotive paints including clear coats.

3M™ Scotchgard™ Marine Liquid Wax, 09062, 1 L

Use this as a protectant when waxing the canoe.

Scotchgard™ Marine Liquid Wax, 09062, is designed for the harsh marine environments and helps to provide protection from the suns damaging ultraviolet rays.

Xtreme Cream Performance/Speed Enhancer/Sealer Polymer 8oz

Used by Pros in many water sports and works for any finish including a dull sand finish, Xtreme Cream, seals (No Water Migration), protects and reduces friction on the surface of your watercraft. 15%+less drag reduction = MORE SPEED AND PERFORMANCE! Xc is a SUPER HYDROPHOBIC COATING made to last for months

Blue Goo Power Cleaner 16 oz

Twice the amount of the award winning environmentally friendly Blue Goo. Removes the toughest stains, scuff marks and oxidation on any watercraft with ease!

Gorilla Epoxy

Use this as a quick fix for Penny sized dings followed by a vinyl sticker over it while the epoxy is still wet.

Mack Brush – Blue Wrap Dagger

Use this as a touch up brush when applying automotive paint into a small ding or scratch.

Deck Pad/Wetsuit cleaner/refresher (DPC) 8oz – OnIt Pro

Use this when your paddle shorts and booties get overly fragrant

Environmentally friendly DPC, cleans/refreshes deck pads and wetsuits. Removes the most harsh stains and odors.