The Hugh A. Town Memorial Builder Award

Following their Annual General Meeting, CORA announced the creation of a new award to acknowledge Builders in the sport of outrigger canoeing in Canada.

This award is named in honor the late Hugh Allen Town, a long time paddler, coach and builder of outrigger clubs in Vancouver, BC and Maui, HI. Hugh passed away in January 2016.

The annual award acknowledges individuals who have made outstanding and extraordinary contribution to outrigger canoeing in Canada, other than as a competitor – demonstrating exemplary values and personal characteristics in their contribution.

“Since 1992, outrigger canoeing has continued to expand in Canada, and as we move forward, it’s important to look back and acknowledge those individuals who helped build the sport of outrigger canoeing in Canada” says Rob Varnel, CORA executive member.

“Hugh was a versatile paddler, a fundraiser, a coach, and a friend to the sport…always willing to lend his support and experience – the epitome of aloha”

Based on nominations submitted through-out the calendar year up until 14 calendar days before the CORA AGM, the award recipient shall be announced at the CORA AGM, and the award shall be formally presented at the Canadian Iron Championships each calendar year.

Nominations for selection may be made by any CORA member or club representative of any active CORA club in Canada through the CORA website.

Nominees may be either active or inactive at the time of their nomination. Please refer to the Hugh Town Memorial Builder Award Policy.

Winners of this award to date include:

  • 2023 – Annie Boulding (Comox Valley Canoe Racing Club)
  • 2022 – Jan Chavarie (Jericho Padding Club)
  • 2021 – Don Mulhall (Penticton Racing Canoe Club)
  • 2020 – Drew Mitchell (False Creek Racing Canoe Club)
  • 2019 – Grace Morissette (Lotus Sports Club)


Annie Boulding
Annie Boulding (2023)
Jan Chavarie
Jan Chavarie (2022)
Don Mulhall
Don Mulhall (2021)
Drew Mitchell
Drew Mitchell (2020)
Grace Morissette
Grace Morissette (2019)

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