International Events


Area Event Summary
Washington The Gorge 2 day paddling event featuring OC6 races, clinics and camping hosted by Waterwalker in Stevenson, WA
Washington Gorge Downwind Champs Week-long festival of downwind smallboat paddling held annually in the Columbia River Gorge
Washington Pacific Northwest Outrigger Challenge Longest running 26-mile 9-person Changes Race (18-mile Iron / 20-mile Beach Changes) in Pacific Northwest on Lake Washington
California Catalina Crossing US Outrigger Championships 2-day 9-Person outrigger canoe racing event between Catalina Island & Newport Beach
California ‘Round the Rock’ Alcatraz Challenge Three courses on the central San Francisco Bay between the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges
California Monterey Bay Crossing 25 1/3-mile Iron or 9-Person Dry Change Monterey Bay Crossing starting at Santa Cruz Harbour and ending at Monterey
Arizona Another Dam Race 10.5-mile race down the Colorado river open to OC6s and smallboats
New York Liberty Challenge 15-mile OC6 race alongside some of New York City’s historic landmarks along the Hudson River and New York Harbour
Hawaii Queen Liliuokalani World’s largest outrigger canoe race with OC4 (8 Person Relay), 6 Person Iron, 9 Person Glass, Double Hull, and Small Boat events
Hawaii Na Wahine O Ke Kai Women’s 42-mile 9-Person outrigger canoe racing world championship event between Molokai & Oahu
Hawaii Molokai Hoe Men’s 42-mile 9-Person OC6 racing world championship event between Molokai & Oahu
Hawaii Kauai World Challenge 34-mile coastal relay traversing Kauai’s southeast side open to OC-1, OC-2, Surfski, and SUP competitors
Hawaii Pailolo Challenge 26-mile race across the Pailolo Channel from Maui to Molokai for Men / Women / Mixed / Iron / Changes teams
Hawaii Na Pali Challenge Teams consisting of 6 women and 6 men make water changes every 30 minutes racing 38-miles round the Na Pali Coast of Kauai
Hawaii Kaiwi Solo – Molokai OC1 World Championship The one-person outrigger canoe paddling World Championships from Molokai to Oahu
Hawaii Maui To Molokai (M2M) The 26-mile Pailolo channel smallboat race offers some of the best downwind surfing conditions
Panama Chasing Pearl Islands 40-KM smallboat race thru the Pearl Islands located in the North Pacific Ocean in the Gulf of Panama
Italy Vogalonga Scenic 30-KM route along the various Venetian canals and historical buildings in which any kind of rowing boat can participate
France Outrigger Canoe Races In France V6 or V1 qualifying rounds for the French outrigger championships (Championnat de France)
England Great River Race London’s most colourful and spectacular river event is a 22-mile race between Millwall and Richmond to find the UK Traditional Boat Champions
Australia Clash of the Paddles Battle of the Paddles annual paddling event formerly known as the Hamilton Island Outrigger Cup showcases the 42-KM marathon outrigger canoe race
New Zealand Taka Puna Beach Cup – NZ The event is sanctioned by Waka Ama NZ and may only accept entries from members of clubs affiliated to Waka Ama NZ
Polynesia Vaka Eiva The biggest sporting event in the Cook Islands is an international paddling competition held every November in a week-long event
Polynesia Tahiti Nui Va’a The 129-KM in three days on three stages canoe race in French Polynesia has the reputation of being the toughest OC6 canoe race in the world
Polynesia Tahiti Te Aito The official qualifying event for the V1 (rudderless) racing world championships (Super Aito)
IVF 2020 World Sprints – Hilo Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association hosts the 2020 IVF World Sprint Championships at Hilo Bay, Hawaii
IVF 2023 World Distance – Samoa Samoa Outrigger Canoe Association hosts the 2023 IVF World Distance Championship
IVF 2022 World Sprints – England GB Outrigger Canoe Association hosts the 2022 IVF World Sprint Championships in Europe for the very first time at London, England