Team Canada has new V1 as well as V6 openings for World Sprints in Hilo: Submit interest by April 6th

If you (V1) or your crew (V6) are interested
in competing in the following divisions, 
please email 
by April 6. If there is more interest than available spots, crews/individuals will need to race off at the CORA National Sprints Regatta in Delta on April 27/28. Paddlers competing for Canada are required to be in Hilo Aug 13-24, 2024, and be residents or citizens of Canada. 


  • J16 Women (3 spots)
  • J19 Women  (2 spots)
  • M60 Men (2 spots)
  • M75 Women (1 spot)
  • M80 Men (1 spot)
  • M80 Women (4 spots)

V6 (full crews only): 

  • J16 Men & Women (5 spots)
  • J19 Men & Women (5 Men & 4 Women)
  • M40 Men (2 spots)
  • M50 Men (2 spots)
  • M60 Men (2-3 spots)
  • M70 Men & Women 
  • M75 Men & Women
  • M80 Men & Women

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