Canadian 2024 OC Sprints Championships

Deas Island Regional Park OC1s

CORA is hosting the Canadian 2024 OC Sprints Championships at Deas Island Regional Park on the April 27-28 weekend. CORA is taking the lead on hosting this Outrigger Sprints Regatta with the assistance of CORA Board members representing clubs from Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Okanagan / Interior, and Eastern Canada. CORA Board members and CORA clubs are collaborating with the intent of making these championships at Deas Island Regional Park an annual event. There will be V1 and OC6 500M events, as well as OC6 1000M (3-turn) events over the course of the weekend. Deas Island Regional Park has become the site for major canoeing / dragon boating / kayaking / rowing events over the past few years.

Deas Island Regional Park Turns

CORA has secured the Deas Island Regional Park racecourse with 6-8 lanes, as well as access to the paved parking lots, the gravel parking lots, and the Delta Deas Rowing Club (DDRC) venue for the weekend.

All registered crew and solo athletes will have the opportunity to race 3 times, from qualifying heats through semi-finals and finals.

500M V1 and OC6 races are on a 500M course (no turns). 1000M OC6 races are on a 250M course and will require 3 turns.

Here is the tentative structure of the weekend in brief:

  • Saturday AM: V1 500M races (9:00AM to 1:00PM – heats / semis / finals)
  • Saturday PM: OC6 500M races (2:00PM to 5:00PM – gender heats / finals)
  • Sunday AM: OC6 500M races (9:00AM to 11:00AM – mixed heats / finals)
  • Sunday PM: OC6 1000M races (12:00PM to 2:00PM – mixed direct finals)
  • Sunday PM: OC6 1000M races (2:00PM to 5:00PM – gender direct finals)

This structure provides 500M and 1000M race opportunities for all registered crews – there is no need to reduce numbers for the 1000M races. Everyone gets to race. Further, roster transfers can be permitted between gender and mixed crews, enabling more crews to race.

Before you register, please note the following requirements in place to ensure efficient racing:

  • Paddlers in Mens and Womens crews may compete in Mixed / Coed crews as well, so join or form a Mixed / Coed crew to double your racing opportunities over the weekend.
  • Paddlers in Mens, Womens, and Mixed / Coed crews may compete in V1 races.
  • Crews and solo paddlers must register on or before Sunday April 21st at 12 Noon.
  • Crew roster forms will be distributed after Sunday April 21st, and must be submitted by Wednesday April 24th.
  • Note that competitors travelling from Vancouver Island and/or outside the Lower Mainland may request later start times on Saturday. CORA’s Race Management will do its best to accommodate all requests. Racing is scheduled to begin each day at 8AM and end on or before 5PM.
  • All participants must have valid CORA 2024 memberships.

Deas Island Regional Park Racecourse (South-to-North):

Deas Island Regional Park Race Course

This page will be updated continuously as details are confirmed.