Repair, Maintenance, and Equipment Grant Application

Policy and Instructions for Completion (see form below)

The CORA Repair, Maintenance and Equipment (RME) Grant has been established to assist outrigger paddling clubs keep their canoes and facilities in good repair.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. This grant can cover:
    1. Repairs to club-owned canoes.
    2. Repairs to clubhouses, docks and facilities that are own or leased by the club.
    3. Common club safety equipment, specifically, club paddles, club PFDs, rescue tools (tow lines, flares) safety kits, first aid kits.
    4. Maintenance to canoe trailers.
    5. Only CORA member clubs in good-standing having 6 annual individual CORA members and with full CORA club membership paid for both the previous and current years are eligible.
    6. The grant must be for the betterment of the club, CORA and the sport as a whole.  You will be required to justify this with your statement-of-use.
  2. This grant does not apply to the purchase, partially or whole, for new/used canoes.
  3. The maximum grant amount is $1000 per club every 2nd year. Clubs that are successful in a given year are ineligible the next year unless there are excess funds (i.e. unused budget monies). Expenses must be incurred in the calendar year during which the grant is awarded.
  4.  The budget for each year will be set and when that budget is exhausted no further grants will be considered.
  5. In the event there are unused monies in or about September of each year, an “Open Call” will be issued inviting Clubs who received a grant in the previous year to submit an application. The CORA Board reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to award grants under the Open Call process as it sees fit.

Procedure for Applying for CORA RME Grant:

  1. Complete and submit application form below.
  2. Grants will be vetted by the CORA Board for approval. The submission of a grant application is not a guarantee of acceptance.
  3. Applicants will be notified of approval within 2 weeks of application submission.
  4. For grant payment (eligible only upon approval by the CORA Board on the success of the original application):
    1. Scanned copies of RECEIPTS (not invoices) must be submitted by October 31, or by special arrangement with the CORA Board. Receipts submitted after that deadline will not be accepted and the grant application will be null and void. Scanned receipts are to be submitted to the email address below (see link).
      1. Funds will be released via e-transfer to clubs, not individuals. 

Note:  CORA now prefers e-transfers of funds.  E-transfers of funds will be sent to the applicant club or, with club and CORA permission, to an agreed individual (i.e. club treasurer). Please indicate the e-transfer e-mail address in the form below.  If you do not accept e-transfers, alternate arrangements can be made.  Once you have filled out the grant application, click the “submit”  button at the bottom of the form.

If approved, you are required to email scanned copies of all receipts and pertinent documents to “”. Please include the letters “RME”, plus the date, club name, and contact last name in the Subject Line of the email sent.

CORA 28/07/22