2012 IVF World Sprints – Wrap Up

Congratulations and thanks go out to the Calgary Canoe Club, CORA, volunteers and all the racers who made the 2012 IVF World Sprints such a success. Through all the planning, practicing, training and racing – you made it through the finish line!

The final medal count is:

New Zealand17252062
New Caledonia224

Team Canada Medal Winners

GoldGldn Master Men – V1 500Alex Vandeham2:32.99
GoldGldn Master Men – V12 500Canada 11:59.40
GoldGoldn Master Men – V6 1000Canada 14:55.91
GoldGldn Master Men – V6 500Canada 12:07.70
GoldMaster 70 Women – V12 500Canada 12:47.40
GoldMaster 70 Women – V6 1000Canada 16:38.24
GoldMaster 70 Women – V6 500Canada 12:52.04
GoldMaster Men – V12 500Canada 11:53.90
GoldMaster Men – V6 1000Canada 14:37.05
GoldMaster Women – V1 500Kamini Jain2:46.45
GoldMaster Women – V12 500Canada 12:08.80
GoldSnr Master Men – V1 500Hugh Fisher2:26.47
GoldSnr Master Men – V12 500Canada 12:06.70
GoldSnr Master Men – V6 1000Canada 64:46.29
GoldSnr Master Men – V6 500Canada 62:03.03
SilverMaster 70 Men – V6 1000Canada 15:30.22
SilverMaster Women – V6 1000Canada 15:19.75
SilverMaster Women – V6 500Canada 12:19.35
SilverOpen Women – V6 500Canada 12:15.17
BronzeSnr Master Men – V1 500Don Irvine2:30.79
BronzeJunior 19 Women – V1 500Aleea Dahinden2:52.94
BronzeOpen Women – V12 500Canada 12:08.46
BronzeGldn Master Men – V6 500Canada 22:14.16
BronzeGldn Master Women – V6 1000Canada 15:55.29
BronzeMaster 70 Men – V12 500Canada 12:23.70
BronzeMaster 70 Men – V6 500Canada 12:25.86

2012 IVF World Sprints – Day 5

The last day of the 2012 IVF World Sprint was full of excitement for the v6 1000 and 1500m semi’s and finals, but it is with great sadness that we lost one of Hawaii’s Kupuna paddlers today. During the Kupuna masters race, Bob Fiulkerson from Maui suffered a massive heart attack. Volunteers and emergency response did all they could.

Although this was a very difficult time for all the countries paddlers, there was a great connection with everyone as prayers were said and paddlers accompanied the medical vehicle out of the park with paddles raised in honor.

Racing commenced after a blessing by New Zealand in honour of Bob’s passion for the sport. CORA sends their thoughts and prayers to the Bob’s family, friends, and paddling community. Updates on race finals will be provided soon.