JULY 2020: CORA COVID update for outrigger clubs and paddlers

(26 JUNE 2020) CORA clubs and paddlers enjoy the sport of outrigger in a variety of jurisdictions across Canada. Under mitigation guidelines to reduce COVID infection, paddlers are fortunate to rely on Canadian health authorities that offer consistent guidance and achievable measures from coast to coast. Although different provinces and territories may refer to “stages” and “phases” of caution in response to the COVID pandemic, the country is unified in practice. At this time, two-meter distancing and associated mitigation measures apply across Canada. For paddling clubs and facilities that have been invited to return to outdoor sport by their local authorities, two-meter distancing requires that outrigger paddlers focus on independent small boat training. 

Crew boat programming does not comply with pre-vaccine and pre-therapeutic protocols as they relate to water sports regulated by national sport organizations. CORA anticipates that small boat access and programming will carry most Canadian jurisdictions through “phase two” and “phase three” restrictions (or regional equivalents) for the duration of the summer and early fall.

The efforts of Canadians, including members of the paddling community, are limiting the spread of COVID. This is cause for optimism. It also highlights the importance of our commitment to public health guidelines as they relate to recreation and fitness activities over the months to come. Regardless of which mitigation phases communities may face over the summer and fall, paddlers and clubs are doing their part by refining accountable measures that comply with phase 1, 2 and 3 mitigation protocols. For detailed information, please review CORA’s consolidated COVID resources and guidelines, available HERE.

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