World Sprint Trials Update

Hi everyone,

As you may have read on the CORA website, Hugh Fisher from the Pemberton Canoe Club presented an option in June to run a selection trial in the Vancouver area in early September. CORA appreciates that Hugh has taken time to put together a proposal to organize an event to accommodate the large number of coastal paddlers interested in trying out for the 2018 World Sprints. Due to a number of concerns, the application for an alternative trials has not been approved. With the limited time before the proposed event and the CORA membership needing to make training and travel arrangements, the CORA Board of Directors recognised that there was not enough time to adequately address these concerns. At a special board meeting July 12 2017 the CORA Board of Directors had a quorum and voted unanimously to maintain the scheduled trials in Calgary on September 30/October 1. As in most sporting associations a formal bid proposal is presented ahead of time and approved by the governing board. Calgary had put in a bid and was awarded the trials at the CORA AGM in late 2016.

If a club or group of paddlers would like to host a trials event in the future, they are invited to submit a proposal during the next cycle (trials in 2019 for 2020 World Sprints). These applications should be submitted for review prior to the 2018 CORA AGM. The CORA Sprint Committee is available to discuss the event requirements for groups looking to submit a proposal.

Moving forward with the 2018 Team Selection;

Please familiarize yourself with the rules for the Elite/Club World Championships that are available on the IVF website so you understand how the event is set up and the eligibility of paddlers that may be paddling in both ELITE and CLUB crew events.

Trial results will be used to help put together CLUB crews for the Worlds. We are still encouraging set CLUB crews to sign up as a pre-determined V6 crews to give you a better opportunity to train together. For those that are not part of a set CLUB crew we will facilitate CLUB crews based on results and your location.

Trials will also be used in the selection of the TEAM CANADA ELITE squads if the CORA Sprint Committee deems that we have at least 6 paddlers adequately skilled to form an ELITE entry. Paddlers are able to paddle for CANADA ELITE as well as their CLUB crew (no more than 3 paddlers from the ELITE V6 crew can be on the same CLUB V6 crew).

All paddlers who have registered an intent to compete will receive and email that requires a reply over the next few days.

Lynda Roberts & Leanne Stanley

c/o CORA Selection Committee

Team Canada 2017 World Long Distance Championships, Papeete, Tahiti June 27-30

Congratulations to Team Canada for a great showing at the inaugural Long Distance Worlds. Tahiti was an amazing host and I know it was a great experience for the entire team.
Race results:
V1 18km: 4th Leanne Stanley-Open, 5th Kamini Jain- Masters, 14th Len Morris – Open
V6 27km: Open women 4th, Masters women 6th , Open Men DNF after swamping with about 4km left in the race, heartbreaking for sure with the awesome effort in tough conditions.
Overall, the event was a great opportunity to paddle with the Te Aito V1 events prior to Worlds and a fun Heiva festival with V3, V6, and V12 races the day following Worlds. Amazing cultural performances and hospitality. This bodes well to have all the details in place for the 2018 World Sprints at the same location as the organizing committee worked through some kinks to improve accommodation, shuttles and race course as the event moved along.
Kudo’s to the Geronimo boys for doing us proud with a cultural night performance, sharing their story and presenting a gift. Kudo’s to all the paddlers for being so supportive of the crews and great cheerleaders and representing Canada. Proud to be there to support you all.
Tahiti 2018 Update with timelines and tips for accommodations etc will be coming up next.
Lynda Roberts

Open Women

Open Men