Peter Forand Masters Challenge Trophy – Have You Seen Me?

The Peter Forand Masters Challenge Trophy is awarded after the PNWORCA Winter Series Championship race each year. OC1 masters (40+; 50+; 60+; 70+) females / males who complete a minimum of 3 PNWORCA Winter Series Races are eligible for this award. The 5 best scores out of 7 races over the year are used to calculate totals.

For more information about the Peter Forand Masters Challenge, CLICK HERE

The Canadian Outrigger Racing Association (CORA) and the Pacific NorthWest Outrigger Racing Canoe Association (PNWORCA) announced this annual trophy at the 2017 Winter Series small boat races.

This trophy was co-funded by both CORA and PNWORCA, but the whereabouts of this trophy is a mystery. CORA and PNWORCA are hoping to present this trophy at the PNWORCA Winter Series Championship race on March 28, 2020 with engraved names of all previous winners.

If you have any information leading to the return of this trophy to the CORA or PNWORCA Executives, please post contact information on the CORA Forum

President’s Report to the 2019 CORA Annual General Meeting

2019 was another busy year for the CORA board. Many new initiatives were started and completed. A well-organized team of directors has again made my role very easy.

I would like to thank all the directors who volunteered their personal time to make the association run smoothly.  It is only for the love of the sport that everyone puts in their personal time. A special thank you to Nicole, our outgoing secretary, who has kept us organized for the past 3 years.  

Selection for Team Canada for the 2020 World Sprint Championships is complete and once all crew members have finally committed, training camps will be set for next year.  Thanks to the volunteer coaches and selection committee for keeping Team Canada organized.

Our finances keep getting better reported, thanks to Jonathan our Treasurer.

Our new website and supporting administrative systems have been launched. Thanks, Erik, for the massive effort to get this done. 

We have managed, with Ron’s effort, to get the race calendar almost completely filled out with all conflicts dealt with before our technical meeting.  This has made for a much smoother process than ever before.

Thanks again to all who volunteered again this year.

Rob Varnel
10 November 2019