March 7/8 Weekend Races

Next up on the CORA Race Schedule is March 7/8 weekend with PNWORCA / CORA Winter Series Race #5 small boat race hosted by False Creek on Saturday and Kan-U-Hakit OC6 Sprints hosted by Fairway Gorge on Sunday.

PNWORCA/CORA Winter Series Race #5 will have a long course (9-14 km) and a short course (4-6 km) small boat race based on conditions on scenic English Bay in Vancouver. All craft will start at the same time for both the long and the short course but OC1s and V1s may have a slightly different start line.

Open to OC1, OC2, Single Surfski, Double Surfski, SUP, and V1. All paddlers will put in at Vanier Park and the race will start and finish off the dock at the Coast Guard station. You MUST wear a PFD.

See also PNWORCA Winter Series Race #5 – Hosted by False Creek Racing Canoe Club and FCRCC Facebook WS#5.

Join False Creek Racing Canoe Club for Race #5 in the PNWORCA 2020 Winter Series. All smallboats welcome. There is a long course of approximately 9-14 km and a short course of approximately 4-6 km. This is the 5th of 7 races in the Winter Series, with the first 5 place finishers in each division earning points for end of season awards. Here is the next opportunity for OC1 Masters paddlers to increase their standings for the Peter Forand Masters Challenge Memorial Trophy.

Race fee – $20 Canadian adults or $10 paddlers 19 and under (USD taken at par). For non-PaddleSport paddlers, CORA registration (for insurance purposes) is required. The CORA day fee is $15, annual fee is $30. Annual CORA membership can be registered online but we will also have forms on site, fee to be paid at that time. Please pay CASH on race day. Registration at 9:30AM.

Coffee and snacks, samosas served after the race. Awards:

  • First Place Overall OC1 Female: Bottle of wine or mickey of spirits
  • First Place Overall OC1 Male: Bottle of wine or mickey of spirits
  • First Place Overall Surfski Female: Bottle of wine or mickey of spirits
  • First Place Overall Surfski Male: Bottle of wine or mickey of spirits
  • All Other Divisions First Places: Bottle of beer – except Juniors who get root beer

Please Pre-register to assist with knowing how many prizes, how much food and drinks are needed, etc. It will also make registration quicker: Pre-Registration now open CLICK HERE

Hugh Town Memorial Builder Award 2019

The purpose of the Hugh Town Memorial Builder Award is to recognize volunteers who have made significant and exemplary contributions to the Outrigger Canoe Racing Discipline of Canadian Outrigger Racing Association (“CORA”) within Canada in the Builder Category.

The CORA Board has approved Policy and Procedure relating to selection and awarding and administering the Award as per the Hugh Town Memorial Builder Award Policy.

The Hugh Town Memorial Builder Award is awarded after the CORA AGM. The CORA Board has reviewed nominations received for the past season and has recognized Grace Morissette of Lotus Sports Club as the 2019 recipient of the Hugh Town Memorial Builder Award.

Grace Morissette has a 30+ year legacy of selfless volunteer effort to paddling sports in general & outrigger canoe racing in particular. She has made contributions to support Canadian paddlers at the international, national, provincial, and club level. She has been part of the Lotus Sports Club that has organized the popular Lotus Iron, Lotus Icebreaker, Lotus Poker paddle, and Bill Alley Memorial Lotus Dragon Boat Regatta for many years. She has given freely of her time as a juniors & steering coach at Lotus Sports Club. She has served on the Lotus Executive & now the CORA Board.

For more information about the Hugh Town Memorial Builder Award, CLICK HERE

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2020 Membership Renewals are now available.

CORA fees are based on the calendar year, January to December, and are non-refundable. All fees include GST (5%). A CORA membership is required to participate or compete in all CORA events. CORA fees are based on the calendar year January to December and are non-refundable.

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