BC Return-To-Sport Guidelines for Crew Outrigger NOW AVAILABLE

As each jurisdiction and province approaches C0V2 and associated cold-and-flu mitigation over the 2020/2021 winter, Canada is unified in its commitment to public health initiatives designed to minimize individual and collective harm as a result of SARS-C0V-2. Please continue to follow the guidance of local and regional health authorities as they pertain to our sport and to how facilities are managed at this time.

In British Columbia, the fall 2020 introduction of Phase 3 Return-to-Sport now permits the safe and staggered roll-out of “cohort” crew boat training. CORA has worked with viaSport guidance, along with direction from other relevant authorities, to provide BC CORA clubs and paddlers with guidance for the safe re-introduction of crew boat training. CORA’s guidelines are NOW AVAILABLE for clubs and crew paddlers to review as each facility considers compliance and procedures unique to their circumstances. As each BC club considers its phase-3-compliant “cohort” procedures, all BC member clubs and solo paddlers should continue to adhere to phase-1 and phase-2 guidelines presently in place.

CORA’s board of directors is available to respond to the questions of club managers, commodores and leadership volunteers charged with developing their next-step guidelines. BC member club representatives will be contacted over the coming days as they consider phase-3 procedures.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of CORA’s Phase 3 Return-to-Sport Guidelines (PDF)

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