AUGUST 2020: CORA COVID update for outrigger clubs and paddlers

As we head into the fall and winter months, clubs and paddlers are preparing for unique versions of solo winter training from coast to coast. From east to west, this may involve variations on a transition of OC1 to dryland fitness as temperatures edge to zero and below. Each jurisdiction and province will be illustrating important approaches to C0V2 and associated cold-and-flu mitigation over the 2020/2021 winter. Please continue to follow the guidance of local health authorities as they pertain to our sport and to how facilities are managed at this time.

In British Columbia, many coastal communities have the option of on-water training year-round. BC’s provincial health authority is in the process of considering proposals for “phase 3” fitness and training activities. In the case of outrigger, this may include the safe and staggered re-introduction of crew boat training. Over the coming weeks, CORA will be working with viaSport and other authorities to provide BC’s CORA clubs and paddlers with guidance about the potential for the safe re-introduction of crew boat training. In light of this potential transition, CORA is committed to communicating with its member clubs promptly and transparently as we engage in the review process over the coming weeks. We will be providing CORA member clubs under BC’s upcoming phase 3 provisions with direct guidance — delivered to club representatives — as it pertains to any new club adaptations, insurance compatibility and specific CoV2 requirements in the event that crew training is permitted to resume. During this investigative and application period, BC member clubs and solo paddlers should continue to adhere to solo guidelines presently in place. We’re working carefully on this potential change, and will keep BC paddlers informed.

The CORA board salutes club and team captains across Canada for taking a unified, respectful and safe approach to the challenges of CoV2 over the 2020 and 2021 years. Although health authorities and associated jurisdictions across the country differ on some details, the outrigger community has navigated the “high road” in league with other organized sports across Canada. Thank you.

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