V1 (solo) boat sharing forum for CORA Sprint Nationals

For CORA sprint participants who want to register for the V1 (solo rudderless) races over the 30 April to 1 May weekend, please ensure that you secure a V1 boat to race in. CORA is not supplying boats for solo sprint heats. Note that mixed crew paddlers cannot race in V1 over the sprint weekend. However, men and women in gender crews can race in V1 and can share V1 boats providing they share across genders. These restrictions are required to ensure fast and efficient race management and are not negotiable. To assist qualified paddlers who need to find a V1 or have one to share, CORA has created a forum to connect paddlers with and without V1s to arrange sharing. CLICK HERE to access the V1 sharing forum thread.

2 thoughts to “V1 (solo) boat sharing forum for CORA Sprint Nationals”

  1. I am looking to share a V1 for Burnaby Sprints, April 30/May 1
    I am racing in the women’s division.
    Thank you for any assistance with my search.

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