Team Canada IVF Legacy (1992-2006)

The CORA Historical Committee has accumulated a wealth of stories / results / photos during the COVID downtime from individuals who participated in the 1992 Sacramento IVF World Sprints, 1994 Western Samoa IVF World Sprints, 1996 New Caledonia IVF World Sprints, and 1998 Fiji IVF World Sprints. If you were there in Sacramento in 1992, in Western Samoa in 1994, in New Caledonia in 1996, in Fiji in 1998, in Hilo in 2004, or in New Caledonia in 2006, and you have stories / results / photos that you wish to share with CORA, please contact the CORA Historical Committee or make a comment on this posting. CORA wishes to extend their gratitude to Heather Taylor and Robin Macnair for sharing IVF World Sprints stories / results / photos.

There is now a perpetual page dedicated to the 1992 / 1994 / 1996 / 1998 Team Canada IVF paddlers.

1994 Western Samoa IVF World Sprints Team Canada Ladies

Top row left to right – Brenda Flan (Davidson), Judy Shandler, Lauren Boyle (Whistler), Robin Macnair, Lisa Jerrett (Whistler), Linda Daigle (Whistler), Jeannie Goodlet
Bottom row left to right – Diane Shepherd, Jackie Webber, Heather Taylor, Jo Thomas (Whistler), Kendall (Kim) Macmillan, Marina McCready (Whistler)

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