Registration nearly full for Kan-U-Hakit (5 March / 1500m OC6 sprints) ~ all boats supplied

Victoria’s annual 1500m sprint race takes place Sunday 5 March

  • Kan-U-Hakit (5 March, 1500m OC6 sprints); CLICK HERE for more info and race results on Sunday evening

Victoria’s annual 2-buoy turn, 1500m sprint race, Kan-U-Hakit, Sunday 5 March. This race is for OC6 teams with stamina and steering experience who want to test their mettle against local and visiting teams at this spectator-friendly event. Boats, tents and heaters supplied by FGPC for registered teams, along with plenty of draw prizes and snacks. This event advances teams through qualifiers, semi-finals and final races (for top teams), so 3 races over the day for teams who advance to the finals. CLICK HERE for more info


  • men’s teams: 2 spaces left

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