Peter Marcus Legacy

After the passing of Peter Forand, PNWORCA and CORA commissioned the Peter Forand Masters Challenge Trophy to recognize the PNWORCA Winter Series Top OC1 Masters Paddlers (Female / Male). Peter Marcus was the first recipient of this Trophy in 2017, finshing 1st place in all 7 races that year and setting the bar going forward. The tribute to the recent passing of Peter Marcus is a remarkable story of his life and contributions to the Pacific Northwest community. CORA may need to find a way to bring Peter Marcus into the Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame.

The Peter Forand Masters Challenge Trophy and photos of all the Trophy recipients from 2017-2022 will be on tour for the 2023 PNWORCA Winter Series. Bellingham Bay Outrigger Paddlers are commemorating the BBOP Winter Series #4 (Peter Marcus Memorial Race) Saturday 2023-Feb-25 race in honour of hometown hero Peter Marcus and there will also be a Celebration Of Life Sunday 2023-Feb-26 from 2-4PM, at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. Hawaiian attire is encouraged and snow chains are recommended.

Please note the Top 10 of 51 paddlers in the Peter Forand Masters Challenge Trophy Standings after three of the 2023 PNWORCA Winter Series Races:

  • Kevin Cowan: Standing=1, Points=13, Races=3
  • Cary Morris: Standing=2, Points=13, Races=3
  • Traci Cole: Standing=3, Points=10, Races=2
  • Mignon Fontenelle: Standing=4, Points=10, Races=2
  • Sarah Craig: Standing=5, Points=10, Races=2
  • Jennifer Radtke: Standing=6, Points=8, Races=2
  • Sue Fenger: Standing=7, Points=7, Races=2
  • Doug Thomas: Standing=8, Points=7, Races=2
  • Craig Holt: Standing=9, Points=5, Races=1
  • Patti Tohl: Standing=10, Points=5, Races=2



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