Double-Hull Orientation Coaching Clinic

Sunday January 22, 2017
Creekside Paddling Centre in Vancouver (Olympic Village)

Dragon Zone will be hosting an outrigger canoe double-hull clinic at Creekside Paddling Centre in Vancouver (Olympic Village).

The clinic has been rescheduled to Sunday January 22, 2017 due to expected cold and icy conditions on Sunday January 8, 2017.


  • There will be four 1.5 hour sessions.
  • Two outrigger canoe double-hulls will be provided for each of the 4 sessions.
  • Each 1.5 hour session will consist of a dry-land and an on-water component.

The dry-land component will cove:

  • CORA membership registration
  • CORA rigging resources
  • CORA race rules
  • local / international double-hull events
  • race day planning
  • event etiquette
  • double-hull rigging / paddling / steering

The on-water component will cover paddling / steering for 500M OC Sprints (lanes / staging / starts) courses and 5K triangle distance courses.


CORA Coaching Clinic Grant of $600 will enable setting fees at $15/person.

Paddlers may register as individuals or as teams.
Register at the Dragon Zone website.

January 2017 V12 December 20, 2016 at 3:29 pm

Weary of nasty weather for weeks – sub-freezing, snow, ice, torrential rain?
No opportunities for OC double-hull practices between December-January?
Looking to be ready for first OC race of 2017 season on January 14?
Volunteers from Dragon Zone are rigging double-hulls for your crews to practice in!

Dragon Zone Outrigger Canoe Program Coordinators have a guest instructor for the sessions:

2016 Australia OC Sprints Worlds Championships Double-Hull 500M Bronze Medalist
2016 Australia OC National Championships Silver Medalist
2016 Canadian OC Sprints National Championships Gold / Silver / Bronze Medalist
2016 The Gorge Gold Medalist
2015 Queen Liliuokalani Gold Medalist
Umpteen Lotus Icebreaker First Place Finishes
6 Time PNWORCA OC Distance Championships Gold Medalist

Link to register 1 or More Participants:

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