2016 World Sprints – Canadian Time Trials – DONE!


Congratulations to all those who competed in CORA time trials.

Results have been posted online under Race Results.   You will be contacted before October 20th by the Sprint Council group to accept your position on an National crew, as well as acceptance of your V1 Solo seat if qualified.  Commitment to the team is necessary to provide paddlers with security to purchase flight and accommodations

Once the top crews have been determined, further pre-determined crews can be submitted to fill our canoe allotment of 6 canoes per category.

FINAL NOTE:   The selection process designed by the Sprint Council  (Leanne Stanley, Lynda Roberts & John Roberts) is located online under the CORA website > Resources > CORA Resources.   Please take some time to read over and understand the new racing format to be used in 2016.

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