CORA member clubs and member paddlers to be given opportunity to support devastated Maui outrigger clubs

In response to tragic and devastating fires on the Hawaiian Islands this week (August 2023), CORA’s board is developing a fundraising window for Canadian paddlers and CORA clubs to contribute funds to Lahaina-based outrigger clubs. The paddling community of Lahaina is certainly dealing with the shock of multiple tragedies affecting their community, their infrastructure, as well as livelihoods and devastating personal and family loss.

For CORA members who want to contribute immediately to a reputable fundraising campaign, consider the Hawaii Community Foundation, and specifically the Maui Strong Fund, which is being directed to island communities devastated by recent fires. Click HERE to contribute through this reputable source.

For CORA members who want to assist through a CORA-managed campaign to direct support to outrigger clubs affected by recent fires, CORA will provide links to a directed campaign over the coming weeks and will notify CORA members when donations can be responsibly accepted.

On behalf of Canada’s outrigger community, CORA’s thoughts and compassion are with the people of Maui. We are working on an initiative to provide meaningful assistance in the near future.

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