CORA Coach Panel #4 (Sat, May 15, 2021): Body Maintenance


In the last CORA Town Hall, we brought you experts in boat maintenance to help you all continue to paddle safely in your canoes for years to come. In this Coach’s Panel, we bring you three experts on body maintenance to keep your bodies moving functionally and performing at an optimal level so you can enjoy our sport for years to come! From Toronto, Ryan Burkholder uses osteopathic principles in his coaching and treating of athletes. Ryan will acquaint us with ELDOA and myofascial stretching for optimizing the body with a holistic approach. From FGPC’s Waterfront Fitness facility in Victoria, Tonija Skuja will go beyond typical stretching to reveal techniques for releasing blocked areas in the body that may be holding you back from reaching your potential. And Annette Verpillot from PosturePro Montreal will introduce techniques for restoring the brain-body connection to help relieve chronic pain and improve sports proficiency.If you suffer from stiffness or lack the mobility to perform a paddle stroke efficiently and adequately; re-occurring injuries or chronic pain; or if you face fears of difficulty climbing back onto your canoe after a huli, this workshop is for you.

Weekend warriors and performance athletes will benefit from these “body maintenance” presentations from experts across Canada.

Meet the presenters:

Ryan Burkholder: Ryan grew up in Newmarket, Ontario developing in a life immersed in athletics. As a competitive hockey player the sport took Ryan to play Division 1 where he was recruited for a scholarship at the University of Alabama Huntsville. After playing and studying for 4 years he then played overseas in both Europe and Asia. Since retiring from hockey in 2013 Ryan has pursued a career in athletic development coaching people who range from elite athletes to weekend warriors. In 2018, Ryan graduated from the Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy and now continues to integrate Osteopathic principles into his coaching and treating of many athletes. The best way to describe Ryan’s approach is an Osteopath’s approach to exercise and training. With an extensive understanding of the body Ryan uses tools such as ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching to optimize the body with a holistic approach.

ELDOA Quebec on Facebook:
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Annette Verpillot is the founder of Posturepro, a health company specialized in restoring the brain-body connection through some of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques. She has created the Posturepro Method which has gained global recognition for eliminating chronic pain, optimizing children’s development, and improving sports proficiency. Additionally, Annette actively works with children, clients, professional athletes, trainers, practitioners, and researchers to develop solutions to tackle global health issues.

Posture Pro YouTube channel:
Instagram: @posturepro

Tonija Skuja, BSc, Kinesiology:
Eleiko Strength Coach – Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting LVL 1;
Fascial Mobility Training – DTS Fitness Education;
Canfitpro-Certified PT;
Blackbelt, Shotokan Karate

Tonija is part of the training and dry-land coaching staff at FGPC’s Waterfront Fitness facility in Victoria. Tonija’s experience in the fitness industry has run concurrently with her development as an athlete. Her own training injuries and imbalances have contributed to her approaches to recreational and competitive athletes. “I focus on ensuring that the body can move properly first before maximizing its potential on the gym and on the water.” 

Waterfront Fitness Centre:
Instagram: @waterfrontfitnesscentre

CLICK HERE or on the image below to view the recorded session.

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