2012 IVF World Sprints – Day 5

The last day of the 2012 IVF World Sprint was full of excitement for the v6 1000 and 1500m semi’s and finals, but it is with great sadness that we lost one of Hawaii’s Kupuna paddlers today. During the Kupuna masters race, Bob Fiulkerson from Maui suffered a massive heart attack. Volunteers and emergency response did all they could.

Although this was a very difficult time for all the countries paddlers, there was a great connection with everyone as prayers were said and paddlers accompanied the medical vehicle out of the park with paddles raised in honor.

Racing commenced after a blessing by New Zealand in honour of Bob’s passion for the sport. CORA sends their thoughts and prayers to the Bob’s family, friends, and paddling community. Updates on race finals will be provided soon.

5 thoughts to “2012 IVF World Sprints – Day 5”

  1. Kim Fulkerson August 17, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Although I am deeply saddened that I was not with Bob in Calgary, I am comforted that my precious husband was surrounded by wonderful friends and the paddling community. Thank you for honoring my husband and paying tribute to him in such a special way. We love you Bob!

  2. Gina Francesconi August 17, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    What a wonderful way to honor Bob in his passing. To have a WORLD paddling community send him off as they did was such a blessing.
    I have never seen so many canoes on trucks and cars in Maui as I have in the last 2 days. Every corner I turn there is another one. It’s as though it is a Hawaiian parade honoring Bob on every street in Maui. My thoughts go out to Bob and his family every time I see one…..Bob you will be missed….and I will continue to think of you every time I see a canoe or a Delta jet pass me by.

  3. Kate Larson August 19, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Even though I didn’t know Bob I was there on the day he died. I would say he had a glorious death doing what he obviously loved. He was sent off with traditional farewells from New Zealand, Rapa Nui, the local Canadian indians and ALL the paddlers holding their paddles high in his honour. Bob could have been sitting in a nursing home somewhere lamenting a wasted life but he was far from it and he has inspired me, and I am sure many others, to live a full life doing what I love. I thank him for that. We were all Hawaiian that day and the paddling community showed it’s true spirit. I felt priveledged to be there. I feel for his family and friends who were not there but please know that it was a great farewell to him. My 15 year old son and his crew were waiting in the holding bay to race when Bob collapsed. The boys were all very shaken up but we explained to them what an inspiration he was and that they needed to do their very best in his honour and they did. With love from Queensland, Australia.

  4. Marianne Pilon August 22, 2012 at 11:08 am

    My team and I had just been called to marshall and were standing next to the holding bay when we saw a paddler down in seat 4, Bob’s seat, we watched with great admiration and concern as the other teams, who had just raced, paddled their boats over to offer assistance. As a crowd we came together in solemnity and waited. On the water, ready to race, were some of the girls that I coach. Race officials took water out to the girls and when they were able brought all the girl’s teams back to the dock, many thanks to the race officials for assisting the girls. The girls then joined the paddlers as we lined the driveway. As a “family of paddlers” we listened to the voices of the different countries as they honoured Bob. It was a sad time for the paddling community but one that was so respectful and honourable that instead of an immense feeling of grief we were all left with a feeling of togetherness and honour. Thank you to the paddlers from the different countries for sharing with everyone your gift of honouring Bob. With respect and admiration Marianne, Victoria, Canada

  5. pamela patrick August 13, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    It has now been 5 years of your passing, I hope you knew in your last thoughts many loved you and I for one, will always miss you! I hope you are at peace and with your father whom now has passed, I think of you every night in my prayers, I love the water, even more, knowing a part of you will always be there in the sprint! Love you Bob, in life and in death! Always your friend Pam.

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