2012 IVF World Sprints – Day 4

1000 and 1500 m races - turning time

Day 4 – 46 races but only 1 final. And in that race, Canada took gold in the Master 70 Women – V6 1000! The 1,000 and 1,500 m. races are time to show off the skills on the turns. The race course is 250m. so the 1,000 m. race requires 3 turns and the 1,500 m. race is 5 turns. The stroke and steer really have to show their stuff while the rest of the crew powers it on.

Just as the Open Men’s 1500 m. heats started (5 races to go in the day), the thunder clouds rolled in and the rain came down, leaving everyone running for cover! Race organisers suspended racing for the day and will pick up where they left off tomorrow. The weather man has been predicting this all week but it’s not expected to last. They’ll all be ready to go in the morning for the final day of the 2012 World Sprints!

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