CORA statement on COVID vaccine adherence

A statement by CORA’s board of directors in response to the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and the mitigation of COVID-19 exposure risks during outrigger group or crew activities:

  1. CORA supports the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Canada regarding the health benefits of vaccination in preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19 and its variants. 
  2. CORA supports the full vaccination of those recommended to get the vaccine by federal, provincial and territorial public health authorities.
  3. As paddlers gather and train together in physically close environments, Member Clubs have a duty to protect their members and enhance the safety of their training environment.  As a result, CORA supports full vaccination of those participating in outrigger group or crew activities for the safety of their members and to mitigate the risk of future infection events at Member Clubs and in our communities at large.
  4. In order to achieve the above, the CORA board strongly encourages Member Clubs to consider amending their COVID-19 policies to require full vaccination of those participating in outrigger group or crew activities, accounting for demographics, location and relevant specific vulnerabilities with respect to COVID-19.  CORA also recommends the continued implementation of longstanding risk mitigation measures such as physical distancing and the use of masks where physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  5. Member Clubs continue to be bound by the Orders of applicable provincial and territorial public health authorities in respect of all gatherings, events and activities. 

L48 Bridges OC6 & Small Boat Races

Saturday, October 2 & Sunday, October 3, 2021 ~  Latitude 48 is excited to bring the Bridges Race back to the Gorge Waterway

On Saturday, OC6s race 5.5 km up and down the Gorge.  Boats are provided so all you need to do is grab your team, register by Sept. 24 and come have fun.

On Sunday, there are two small boat courses – the 5.5 km “inny” and the 10-12 km “outty.” Paddlers are encouraged to wear orange.

Half the proceeds from Sunday’s races will go to the Victoria Native Friendship Centre.

Registration links:

Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame 2021 Inductees

CORA recognized that there were many individuals who had made “Significant and Exemplary Contributions” to Canadian outrigger canoeing, but their stories had never been captured, and they had never been formally recognized. CORA spent January-July 2021 tracking down this history, and fact-checking as best as possible the exploits of those individuals who founded CORA, who founded CORA clubs, who inaugurated races, who excelled at IVF / Molokai / Catalina / Queen Liliuokalani events, and who designed / built / imported / distributed canoes to grow the sport.

As of the August 2021 CORA Board Meeting there were 18 individuals inducted into the Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame for 2021.

Comox Valley Canoe Racing Club (CVCRC) has graciously offered to have an awards ceremony at the Comox Island Iron event on the August 28/29 weekend to recognize 8 of those individuals who have called Comox home.

CORA wishes to congratulate the 18 Canadian Outrigger Hall Of Fame 2021 Inductees:

  • Jackie Webber
  • Rick Nu’u
  • Peter Forand
  • Heather Taylor
  • Annie Boulding
  • David Boulding
  • Don Irvine
  • Melanie Whittall
  • Cheryl Skribe
  • James Van Nostrand
  • Hugh Fisher
  • Sheila Kuyper
  • Drew Mitchell
  • Garry Mancell
  • Alan Carlsson
  • Bob Disbrow
  • Jim Mancell
  • Ron Kaschula

You can visit the CORA website and view the “virtual Hall Of Fame” that has the names / headshots of the 18 individuals inducted this year and links to a 3-page PDF that has their contributions in 2-pages and a 1-page set of references on every online article that we could find where they were mentioned.