FCRCC Around Bowen Small Boats 2021


This year’s Around Bowen race was held as a small boats race on Sunday, July 25, 2021. The race took place in BC’s Howe Sound around Bowen Island, a short ferry ride from Vancouver.

Pre-registered paddlers raced a full circumnavigation of Bowen Island (32 km) or team up for a 2-leg relay, swapping out at Tunstall Bay (18km and 15km legs). The race consisted of pre-registered solos and doubles in high performance kayaks (surfskis), outrigger canoes, stand-up paddleboards (including prone), sea kayaks and ocean rowers.

8 thoughts to “FCRCC Around Bowen Small Boats 2021”

  1. Please send me all notices to racers including LDRRules.
    I am trying to get pertinent information out to safety boat operators.

    1. Hi Adrian,
      I’ve just posted the amended Long Distance Race Rules, which you can download, and I’ve copied your request to the Race Director.

  2. For the relay race tag out, can you use a different OC1 on the second leg, or do you need to use the same OC1

    1. I think the answer is yes, just make sure you register with the boat number that will cross the finsh line (ie 2nd boat).

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