CORA Lahaina Outrigger Recovery Fund

2023 saw catastrophic loss of life in the community of Lahaina on the island of Maui. This sister paddling community is slowly rebuilding, and CORA has spent the fall of 2023 forging a respectful and meaningful process to raise financial support for Lahaina paddling clubs affected by the 2023 firestorm. In partnership with HCRA (the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association), CORA has opened a GoFundMe page to raise funds from Canadian paddlers who wish to contribute directly to the restoration of outrigger programs and infrastructure in Lahaina. Any amount is meaningful, and we’ve set an achievable goal of $5000 CAD, which we hope to exceed with support from Canadian paddlers who can afford to contribute. Please give what you can, if you can, before 31 January 2024, at which point we will transfer 100% of the net amount raised to HCRA for distribution to the three affected paddling clubs. Please click here to contribute. We recognize that the Lahaina fires affected the people of Maui many months ago; but financial assistance from Canadian paddlers in 2024 is well-timed and will be appreciated now that recovery is underway. 

The GoFundMe page will now remain open until the end of February, 2024.

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