CORA Cup Race #1 – FLCC River Run May 4-5, 2024, Fort Langley, BC

Challenge yourself on the dynamic currents of the Fraser River at Fort Langley!
Join us for a weekend of adrenaline-pumping action – from challenging 12km OC6 races to exhilarating small boat 10km showdown on Sunday. Test your paddling prowess and then soak up the historic charm of Fort Langley.
Register now at and paddle your way to victory!

All teams are invited to race. Bring your boats or arrange to book an available FLCC Spec boat. We can also help to connect you with other clubs bringing boats.

The race is part of the exciting CORA CUP Series of five races culminating in the Distance Nationals in Penticton September 28-29. Teams can earn valuable points. Check CORA for updates on the 2024 Cora Cup races this year. For teams contending for the Cup, ensure that your team name, category, division, and boat type remain consistent over the course of the CORA CUP series. 



Saturday OC6 Race Details:

  • 15 km course (8 km short course)
  • Specs & Unlimiteds – bring your boats! If you need a boat, reach out to us to book available spec boats.
  • Novice, Keikis (U16), Juniors (U19), Open, Masters +40, +50, +60, +70, 
  • Womens, Mens, and Mixed
  • Prizes / Awards after each race
  • Schedule:
    • 8:00 am: Registration
    • 8:30 am: Pre Race Meeting: Short Course
    • 9:00 am: Short Course Race Start (8km)
    • 10:00 am: Pre Race Meeting: Women / Mixed (Masters)
    • 10:30 am: Women / Mixed (Masters) Race Start (15km)
    • 12:00 pm: Pre Race Meeting Men / Mixed (Open) 
    • 12:30 pm: Men / Mixed (Open) Race Start (15km)
  • Cost: $180/boat (Junior OC6 Crews free – CORA Cup race subsidy from CORA)

Sunday Small Boat Race

  • 10 km course
  • Singles: OC1, V1, surfski, canoe, kayak…
  • Doubles OC2, V2, surfski2, canoe2, kayak2…
  • Schedule:
    • 9:00 Registration
    • 10:00 Pre-race Meeting
    • 10:30 Race Start
    • 12:15 Awards / Prizes 
  • Cost: $30 / paddler (Junior 50%)

General Questions:

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