Canadian National Sprints & 2014 Rio Time Trial

The Finish Line

Come join us for the 5th Canadian National Outrigger sprint regatta.   Paddlers from BC, Alberta, and Ontario are hoping to attend.  Saturday  April 26 –  2014.  Pre-registration is necessary as we expect a full roster for the day.  We are offering (OC1) races as well as (OC6) – 500 and 1000 meter (1 turn).    Rio Time Trials will be V1 only on Sunday April 27th.  No OC1 time trials are required as crews are set as pre-determined only.   No National crew selection this time.

Your registration fee will allow you to race two age categories.  If you choose to race OC1 only the fee is reduced, but you are able to race your age category and down.  All proceeds for the day will be used to support Team Canada at future World Sprints.   Come out, have some fun and support Canadian outrigger sprints!

All participants must be CORA members.  A day fee of $10 can be paid the day of racing along with OC6 and OC1 registration payment.

Click here for Registration Race package (link expired).  Those who wish to time trial for Rio World Sprints will use the same registration package.

OC 6 – Course length are 500 meters long and approximately 35 meters wide. There will be a colored turn flag at the end of each lane. Turns are to be made counter-clockwise with ama side nearest to turn flag. Canoes must turn around the flag on ama side; a team will be disqualified from a heat if the canoe hits the turn flag hard enough to make it drop into the water.  Teams will be disqualified from heat if the canoe leaves their lane.

OC 6 – 500 meter course straight no turns –  OC 6 – 1000 meter course with 1 turn.
OC 1 – Course length will be 500 meters straight (no turn) – 4 lanes.  Paddlers will be disqualified from heat if the canoe leaves their lane.
Schedule:  Check in opens at 9:00 a.m.
Registration: Paddlers may race in two categories.  Registration Closes April 21st
Cost:  OC6 – $15 per paddler for up to 2 age categories entered.  OC1 –$10 per paddler for up to 2 age categories entered for those who are also participating in OC6 racing.

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