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CORA Sprint Nationals - OC6 - Adult Crews

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CORA is hosting the Canadian 2024 OC Sprints Championships at Deas Island Regional Park on the April 27-28 weekend. There are both V1 and OC6 500M events, as well as OC6 1000M (3-turn) events over the course of the weekend. All registered crew and solo athletes will have the opportunity to race 3 times, from qualifying heats through semi-finals and finals. Note: both crews and solo athletes must register in only ONE AGE DIVISION, but can register in both gender and mixed crew boats (requiring two registrations for two crews).

500M V1 and OC6 races are on a 500M course (no turns). 1000M OC6 races are on a 250M course and will require 3 turns.

Before you register, please note the following requirements in place to ensure efficient racing:

  • Paddlers in Mens and Womens crews may compete in Mixed crews as well (requiring separate crew registrations); thus, groups of paddlers can form and register Mixed crews to double their racing opportunities over the weekend if they wish. IMPORTANT NOTE: participants must register in only ONE AGE DIVISION in both gender and mixed categories.
  • Paddlers in Mens, Womens, and Mixed crews may also register in V1 races; note that solo athletes must only register in ONE AGE DIVISION in V1 races
  • Crews and solo paddlers must register and pay online for each entry (e.g. crew boat and solo) on or before Sunday 14 April at 12 Noon.
  • Crew roster forms must be downloaded and completed after crew payment and must be submitted no later than Friday 19 April.
  • Version 1 of the event race schedule will be distributed on or after 20 April.
  • Racing is scheduled to begin each day at 9AM and end on or before 5PM; crews and athletes traveling to / from the lower mainland should factor these times in their travel plans.
  • All participants must have valid CORA 2024 memberships.

CORA Group Waiver

Please download and complete the following form and bring with you to the event:

Group Waiver

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