CORA Sales and Registrations

CORA Sprint Nationals - 30 April to 1 May 2022 - Burnaby Lake BC

Thank you for intending to register yourself or your OC6 team for the Canadian 2022 Outrigger National Sprint Championships. This national racing event will take place at the Burnaby Lake Rowing Club in Vancouver BC on Saturday and Sunday, 30 April - 1 May 2022. Crew and solo entries are available in limited numbers, first come, first served, for the following:

  • 30 women's, 30 men's and 30 mixed crew entries will compete in OC6 500M races across 6 lanes.
  • 30 solo men and 30 solo women V1 athletes will also compete on the same 500M race course across 6 lanes.

Crew races will take place in CORA-club-supplied Bradley OC6s; solo athletes must secure their own private V1 (ruddlerless solo outrigger) boats. All registered crew and solo athletes will have the opportunity to race 3 times, from qualifying heats through semi-finals and finals. Selected fastest men's, women's and mixed crew boat finalists in consolidated age divisions will then advance to 3-lane 1000M races with dedicated age classes at the end of the weekend.

Before you register, please note the following requirements in place to ensure efficient racing:

  1. Members of mixed crew boat teams cannot compete in the V1 solo category
  2. V1 solo athletes who are loaning or borrowing V1 hulls cannot share equipment within the same gender, but can share between genders (e.g. men can share with women and women can share with men).
  3. 500M solo and crew races will advance from initial qualifying heats based on time and not age class; age class, however, will be reflected in the final leaderboard, medals and podium results.
  4. Novice V1 racers are not permitted; solo athletes must be able to competently maneuver to and from the start and finish lines, and must be able to execute straight-lane 500M racing or face disqualification.
  5. All participants and the clubs they represent must be current CORA members, and accept the terms of CORA's waivers as well as abide by the terms and conditions of the event.
  6. If your club does appear in the drop down Club Affiliation list, please have your CORA club rep or manager renew their annual CORA Club Membership. This is required before you can proceed with registration.