Travel Grant Application

Policy and Instructions for Completion (see form below)

The CORA Travel Grant has been established to encourage outrigger paddling clubs to attend CORA sanctioned races by assisting with expenses of OC6 transportation.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applies to OC 6 Transportation only (transportation costs of OC1/OC2 not eligible).
  2. Minimum of 100 kms of road travel and/or travel by ferry.
  3. Applies to Sanctioned CORA Races only.
  4. Eligible expenses:
    1. Mileage reimbursement at a rate of $0.60 per kilometre traveled (indicate route travelled on grant application form); and
    2. If applicable, reimbursement of ferry expenses (vehicle, trailer and driver fare only). Note: Does not include fares for transporting paddlers/team members, or other travel expenses such as coffee, meals or accommodation.
  5. One application per trailer per race. To ensure safety, all trailers must have a current licence for road travel. Truck-topped OC6s are only eligible if transported in compliance with relevant Provincial commercial transportation legislation, including applicable permits, or otherwise in compliance with applicable laws, such as applicable motor vehicle legislation.
  6. Clubs may apply more than once per year.
  7. Host Clubs are eligible to trailer OC6 canoes to be used at the event.
  8. Reimbursement for travel is up to a maximum of $700 per application (combined limit for mileage reimbursement and ferry expenses).

Note: Monies will be reimbursed and allocated on a first come, first served basis according to the criteria listed above however remain at the discretion of the Board. Clubs are encouraged to reduce duplication of travel expenses by coordinating with other clubs in their region to haul boats and so that the maximum number of clubs benefit from this Grant. When the budget for travel grants is exhausted, there will be no further grants for that racing season. The Board reserves the right to restrict travel grants during the season to ensure that grant money is available for the National Championships.

Procedure for Applying for a CORA Travel Grant:

  1. Complete and submit application form below.
  2. Request for reimbursement should be submitted no later than one month POST race.
  3. CORA Travel Grant Application Form must be completed in full.
  4. All receipts for ferry must be scanned and submitted through the email link below.
  5. For applications for truck-topped travel, a scanned copy of the applicable commercial permit or other authorizing legislation must be submitted through the email link below.
  6. Funds will be released via e-transfer to the Applicant club or with permission, to an individual the club designates.

Note: CORA now prefers e-transfers of funds.  E-transfers of funds will be sent to the applicant club or, with club and CORA permission, to an agreed individual (i.e. club treasurer or trailer driver). Please indicate the e-transfer e-mail address in the form below.  If you do not accept e-transfers, alternate arrangements can be made.  Once you have filled out the grant application, click the “submit”  button at the bottom of the form.

Submit ferry receipts and truck-topping documentation to this email address:

CORA 06/07/22