Team Canada At 2023 Samoa IVF World Distance

2023 Samoa IVF World Distance Championships takes place from Thursday 10th August 2023 through Saturday 19th August 2023 at the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) grounds on the waterfront in Apia. Racing has concluded with the Closing Ceremonies to follow. CORA now concludes its “coverage” of the event and resumes with our local postings.

See the links for Samoa Outrigger Canoe Association Official Website and 2023 Samoa IVF World Distance Championships Race Schedule and 2023 Samoa IVF World Distance Championships Race Schedule with Entries and 2023 Samoa IVF World Distance Championships Live Stream and 2023 Samoa IVF World Distance Championships CORA Facebook Updates and 2023 Samoa IVF World Distance Championships Facebook Updates and 2023 Samoa IVF World Distance Championships Race Results and 2023 Samoa IVF World Distance Championships Final Medal Tally to follow along with all the activities.

Daily Results:

Team Canada V6 / V1 Participants:

  • V6 Masters 75 Women: Ruth Matson, Susan Hanson, Sue Humphries, Lynnette Mangan, Helen Robinson, Sue Milligan
  • V6 Masters 70 Women: Barb McColl, Ann Mohs, Mary Louise Phinney, Kat Town, Shirley Curtis, Rose Mary Neill
  • V6 Masters 60 Women: Jaye Kerzner, Annie Boulding, Lisa Robertson, Lorri Stewart, Heather Taylor, Catherine Marr
  • V6 Masters 50 Women: Mel Durban, Tara Hastings, Kamini Jain, Cheryl Skribe, Julie Kippen, Carole Fullerton
  • V6 Masters 40 Women: Leanne Stanley, Melanie Conard, Kelsey Siddall, Ashley Barker, Zoe Norcross Nu’u, Cheryl Skribe
  • V6 Open Women: Ellashani George, Á’a:líya Warbus, Cortney Russell, Kayla Boston, Danielle Monroe, Christine Seymour
  • V6 Masters 70 Men: Terry Curtis, Jon Amundson, Bill Buckingham, Bob Stewart, John Rodgers, Dean Dogherty
  • V6 Masters 60 Men: Jim Underwood, Don Irvine, Bob Woodman, Rob Varnel, Dennis Silvestrone, Brad Morrison
  • V6 Masters 50 Men: Scott Borle, Ken Asano, Gavin Godfrey, James Hill, Vincent Fecteau, Rob Varnel
  • V6 Masters 40 Men: Darren Grant, Simon Corbaux, Ken Ang, Daniel Point, Jeremy Siddall, Andrew Mclean
  • V6 Open Men: Rob Magus, Jesse Balcom, James Healy, Tony Hodanic, Will Rainey, Jeff Chow
  • V1 U19 Women: Ellashani George
  • V1 U19 Men: Will Rainey
  • V1 Open Women: Melanie Conard
  • V1 Open Men: Tony Hodanic
  • V1 Masters 40 Women: Leanne Stanley
  • V1 Masters 40 Men: Rob Magus
  • V1 Masters 50 Women: Heather Taylor
  • V1 Masters 50 Men: Scott Borle
  • V1 Masters 60 Women: Mel Durban
  • V1 Masters 60 Men: Bob Woodman
  • V1 Masters 70 Women: Mary Lou Phinney
  • V1 Masters 70 Men: Jon Amundson
  • V1 Masters 75 Women: Ann Mohs
  • V1 Masters 75 Men: Terry Curtis

Cascadia – Paddlers Without Borders

CORA has collected a set of stories representative of “Team Cascadia”. This is a concept that has been around for many years that involves paddlers from Oregon / Washington / Canada forming crews for outrigger canoe racing events and quite often taking the podium. The concept of Team Cascadia has gone by many names over the years and this article on Cascadia – Paddlers Without Borders captures four memorable occurrences of this concept. If you have stories of your own about a Team Cascadia experience, please feel free to share those stories with the CORA Historical Committee.

  • Molokai Hoe 2019 crew led by Gordon Martinez of Kikaha O Ke Kai (with Ashley James, Len Morris Jr.)
  • Catalina Crossing 2016 crew led by Brian Itami of Kai Ikaika (with Brad Morrison, Robbie Magus)
  • Queen Lili’uokalani 2015 crew led by Boy Chun Fook of Kikaha O Ke Kai
  • Molokai Na Wahine 2013 crew led by Lance Mamiya of Team FreeLance (with Laurel Archer, Linda Warren, Jacinta Sheridan, Melanie Conard)