Canadian 2022 OC Sprints Championships Results / Kudos

Burnaby Lake Turns

CORA has now posted the Canadian 2022 OC Sprints Championships Results from 59 races over the course of the Apr-30 / May-1 weekend, sliced / diced / sorted in every way possible – even by Age Division for V1 and OC6 events!

CORA wishes to express a huge round of gratitude to all of the organizations that collaborated to bring OC Sprints Racing back to Burnaby Lake and made for a very successful event that involved 5 months of planning:

  • First and foremost, CORA recognizes the False Creek Racing Canoe Club volunteers who were there for many days loading / unloading / weighing / weighting / rigging launching 7 Bradley Lightning OC6s, handling registration / marshalling, lining-up / starting races, and so much more
  • Kamini Jain for countless hours reworking the race schedule given the ever-changing composition of registrations and for providing impeccable leadership as Race Director
  • G2G for capturing and posting and publishing accurate / timely race results
  • Fairway Gorge for providing / managing the Event Shopping Cart and skillfully dealing with last-minute registrations / cancellations
  • Burnaby Lake Rowing Club for stick-handling the Fortis Public Relations team to ensure this event was actually able to happen, as well setting the race course line buoys far in advance, and providing many safety boats, and ensuring the Officiating Platform was race-ready
  • The CORA clubs who made their Bradley Lightning OC6s available for this event
  • The V1 paddlers who graciously shared their boats so that other paddlers could compete in the V1 event
  • All of the attendees who contributed to the event running ahead of schedule by being in the marshalling area, on the docks, and at the start line in a timely manner
  • And lastly, the dozen CORA Board Members who each selflessly contributed hundreds upon hundreds of hours over the course of 5 months since the November 2021 AGM to guarantee the Pavilion, the parking lots, the race course, the safety boats, the OC6s, the trailering, the event shopping cart, the coffee / food vendors, the merchandise vendors, the medals, the award ceremonies, the draw prizes, and the commemorative jerseys would be in place for this 2-day event.

Please note that online sales for the Oddball Workshop Canadian 2022 OC Sprints Championships commemorative jerseys closed as of 4-May-2022 11:59PM.

Here are some links to photos taken by Mark Nodwell, FCRCC Operations Manager. Feel free to share the links with teammates, friends, and anyone who was there. Please tag yourself, your team and organization in the photos. Currently the photos are unsorted and unedited. You may use these photos for non-commercial purposes, but please credit copyright Mark Nodwell. If you share on instagram, please credit @waveswheelsandpeaks
Canoe Unloading:
Day 1:
Day 2:

See you at Burnaby Lake in 2023!

Darian Hildreth (Friday Harbor) wins 2022 Peter Forand Masters Challenge

The Peter Forand Masters Challenge trophy was AWOL for 2017 and 2018 and 2019. Once the trophy was recovered, we were finally able to present it to Peter Marcus, the 2017 champion, at the 2020 FCRCC Winter Series race, and to Mignon Fontenelle, the 2018 and 2019 and 2020 champion, at the 2020 Jericho Winter Series race.

A small ceremony was held on a gorgeous afternoon in October 2021 on the Washington side of Peace Arch Park with Peter Marcus (2017 Recipient) making the presentation to Beau Whitehead (2021 Recipient). The Peter Forand Masters Challenge trophy travelled to the PNWORCA Winter Series Championship Race for the first time in March 2022, where Beau Whitehead was recognized by fellow Pacific Northwest paddlers.

2022 has been another exceptional year for the PNWORCA Winter Series. Two PNWORCA Winter Series events were cancelled, two PNWORCA Winter Series events went virtual, and there were 3 onsite PNWORCA Winter Series events. There were only 3 OC1 Masters paddlers who participated in at least 3 races.

Discussions between PNWORCA and CORA resulted in agreement that there was indeed one OC1 Masters paddler who not only participated in in a minimum of 3 events in the same Division and was first in Points, but dominated OC1 Masters paddling by financially supporting the host clubs and finishing 1st place OC1 Masters in all virtual and onsite PNWORCA Winter Series events – including the Sand Point Championship race.

The 2022 PNWORCA Winter Series winner for the Peter Forand Masters Challenge is Darian Hildreth (Friday Harbor, San Juan Island) in the Men Masters 40+ OC1 Division. The 2022 PNWORCA Winter Series event organizers recognize Darian Hildreth as the Peter Forand Masters Challenge winner in accordance with guidelines as the Male or Female Masters (40+ / 50+ / 60+ / 70+) paddler with the highest number of points across all age / gender brackets at the end of the Winter Series.

Congratulations to Darian Hildreth for his commitment and excellence in Winter Series small-boat racing. Unfortunately, Darian Hildreth had to leave before the presentation to make a return ferry to San Juan Island. Vast distances permitting, we would like to present this trophy to Darian in person at a PNWORCA event in the near future.

For more information about the Peter Forand Masters Challenge, CLICK HERE