CORA to host 2023 distance world championship selections at Jericho, 15-16 October 2022

Hello CORA paddlers

The selection process for Team Canada for the 2023 World Distance Championships in Samoa has begun. Please see the links below for an overview of the process and registration information.

For the World Distance Championships each participating nation may enter one V6 (OC6) crew and one V1 athlete for each age class and gender. Official age categories are U-19, Open, Master 40, Master 50, Master 60 and Master 70. We are still waiting for confirmation from the IVF of the inclusion of Masters 75 and Masters 80 age divisions.

The initial selection process will take place October 15 and 16 at Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver. 

  • October 15 will be an OC1/V1 time trial for all candidates and a meeting of all registered candidates.
  • October 16 will be OC6 evaluations for all candidates. 
  • Candidates should be planning for morning and afternoon both days until further notice.
  • Deadline to register and pay your registration fee is October 1st, 2022

All participants must have their current 2022 CORA membership fee paid by October 1st or your registration fee will be forfeited and you will not be allowed to participate in the selection. You can access the selection process HERE

On behalf of the CORA board and the IVF committee, thank you for your interest in IVF Samoa Distance 2023!

2022 Guts & Glory Championships – Saturday 17 September (Victoria)

Outrigger & Dragon Boat Races ~ 1000M Straightshot Qualifiers / 2K Oval “Doublestart” Championship Finals

This unique day of racing provides crew boat OC6 racers (in FGPC-supplied ultralight OC6s) with opportunities to test their sprint performance and entertain spectators. OC6 crews will alternate heats with dragon boat crews who are also participating. Of interest, OC6 crews consider these distances “sprint” while alternating dragon boat crews consider the day’s races as distance. Lots of fun and challenge for both crew boat formats.

Registration is open for teams who are ready to race in crewboat OC6s. Note that all boats are supplied by FGPC, including Millennium dragonboats, and ultralight OC6s. Registration Deadline: September 4, 2022

CLICK HERE to register!

V1 (solo) boat sharing forum for CORA Sprint Nationals

For CORA sprint participants who want to register for the V1 (solo rudderless) races over the 30 April to 1 May weekend, please ensure that you secure a V1 boat to race in. CORA is not supplying boats for solo sprint heats. Note that mixed crew paddlers cannot race in V1 over the sprint weekend. However, men and women in gender crews can race in V1 and can share V1 boats providing they share across genders. These restrictions are required to ensure fast and efficient race management and are not negotiable. To assist qualified paddlers who need to find a V1 or have one to share, CORA has created a forum to connect paddlers with and without V1s to arrange sharing. CLICK HERE to access the V1 sharing forum thread.