2022 Outrigger Race Submission deadline: 20 October 2021

Aloha CORA Club contacts,

Re:  2022 CORA Sanctioned Race Submissions

Please ensure that race and event directors share the following information with their executive boards and any race director in your club. The deadline for 2022 race sanctioning for outrigger events in Canada is 20 October 2021.

For 2022 CORA-sanctioned races, CORA will be implementing the following selection and sanctioning process:

  • October 20, 2021 – Preliminary deadline for submission of proposed race details and date at the following link:  https://www.canadianoutrigger.ca/cora-forms/application-to-hold-a-cora-sanctioned-event/   Once you’ve completed this, your tentative race date will be uploaded to the new CORA website race calendar  https://www.canadianoutrigger.ca/races/race-schedule-for-race-directors/   and marked as “requested”.  All submissions at this stage are proposals and will be treated equally.  There is no guarantee that you will receive your requested race date and all race dates are to be considered movable. 
  • Late October 2021 – The CORA Race Committee will have identified any conflicts between requested dates and contact the Club contacts so they may come to an amicable resolution among themselves (ie revised proposals).  Conflicts may include the proposals for the same date or in the case of CORA Cup races, insufficient separation between races in the CORA Cup series.
  • November 3, 2021 – November CORA Board Meeting.  The CORA Board will review race applications received prior to October 20, 2021.  Any remaining conflicts in the proposed race schedule will be identified and referred to the CORA Board for determination.  The CORA Board will determine which proposal(s) are to be supported and presented at the CORA AGM.
  • All race applicants will be contacted and unsuccessful race applicants will be invited to submit a revised race proposal within the then current proposed 2022 race schedule.  Successful applicants will be asked to submit a more detailed race application prior to the CORA AGM.
  • November 2021 (TBD) – CORA Technical Meeting and AGM.  Final approval of 2022 CORA Race Calendar.

Guidelines for applicants:

  • To minimize conflicts, Clubs are encouraged to review the new CORA website race calendar at the above link before making race submissions and be aware of other race applications.
  • Clubs are encouraged to list alternate dates for their proposed race in the space provided on the submission form ranked by preference (i.e. 1st choice, 2nd choice).  The CORA Board will consider these alternate dates in establishing conflicts.  The submission of an alternate date means that you will accept the alternate date, if chosen by the CORA Board, without further consultation with you.
  • Race proposals received prior to October 20, 2021 (including those received prior to this notice) will have equal priority over proposals received at a later date.  All late submissions will be required to accommodate previously approved races.  The final deadline for 2022 CORA race sanctioning will be April 30, 2022. 

Thank you for your support in the resumption of outrigger racing.

Canadian Outrigger Racing Association