CORA Townhall #1: Intermediate Steering Technique – VIDEO & Drill Sheet

More than 100 members from across Canada attended our first townhall video forum of the 2022 year. The recording of this video session along with an inventory of drills to improve steering technique are now available for viewing and download here:

  • CLICK HERE or on the video image below to view the recording of this session
  • CLICK HERE to download drills and exercises to improve your steering technique

Steering is a never-ending master-class of how to get better. Our guest speaker, Cheryl Skribe, will describe how to set yourself up to learn without settling, and to set yourself challenges for improvement, in as much detail as 90 minutes can hold. Here’s what you’ll see in the video…

Cheryl Skribe and members of the CORA board (including Cindy Wright, Erik Ages, Leanne Stanley, Ron Chin and Val Simmons) discuss a range of techniques and technical decision-making for review by people who have some or plenty of steering experience. Non-steering paddlers as well as novice and aspiring steerspeople are encouraged to soak it in too, bearing in mind this isn’t the start of a life-long conversation, but the middle: we don’t, for example, discuss “how to poke,” but rather WHERE and how long and how deep to poke for the best result in specific conditions. We don’t discuss “how to post,” but rather WHY a poke may be better than a post in many instances and not all, and how to choose one over the other. We discuss how other seats in the boat can support the responsibilities of seat six, and how to train to nurture those supporting roles within a crew. And we’ll summarize some of the key skills to gauge conditions, as well as how to remain oriented in terms of short and longer-distance navigation, as well as how to challenge yourself, as a steersperson, to get better.

This session forms part of a series of skill development sessions over the year ahead. Future sessions will continue this first conversation, and will include tactical and strategic discussions about short- and long-distance racing (and steering), navigation, safety…and yes, surfing.

Click on the video below, as well as the skills sheet that Cheryl Skribe has prepared, and enjoy the banter, humour, insight and experience that Cheryl and CORA’s merry band of board directors bring to bear on the age-old dilemma of what to do and what not to do when you hear “ready, set, go.”

  • CLICK HERE or on the video image below to view the recording of this session
  • CLICK HERE to download drills and exercises to improve your steering technique

CORA Town Hall (6 November 4pm Pacific): Lest We Forget – CORA Hall Of Fame

YOU’RE INVITED! CORA’s board invites you to attend our “Hall of Fame” Town Hall on Saturday 6 November (4pm Pacific) to virtually recognize our 2021 Hall Of Fame inductees. CORA is hosting this online presentation to recognize and virtually meet, through friends and colleagues, our 2021 inductees from across Canada and beyond.

Guest speakers include Kamini Jain, Dan O’Donovan (Calgary), Tony Hall (Nova Scotia), Karen Tomlinson (Pemberton), Mallorie Nicholson (Burloak / Victoria), Lynne Smith (Clipper Canoes, Vancouver), Mel Whittall (Open Ocean Outriggers, Vancouver), Doug Mancell (Lotus, Vancouver), and Andrea Dillon (DB Canada Hall Of Fame, Vancouver).

This is our opportunity to get to know individuals such as Jackie Webber, Hugh Fisher, Sheila Kuyper, James van Nostrand, Drew Mitchell, Garry and Jim Mancell, and Alan Carlsson, all of whom have made significant contributions to outrigger canoeing in Canada over their lifetimes as athletes, coaches, builders, and as pioneers. Although their histories have been published on the CORA website, their friends and colleagues have personal insights they want to share.

CLICK HERE or on the image below to view the recorded session.

CORA Town Hall (16 October 4pm Pacific): OC6 Seat Roles

Welcome to CORA’s Town Hall Fall/Winter 2021-22 Series. This first virtual town hall of the colder months ahead (#7 in the 2021 series) will focus discussion and experience on the tactics, techniques and mental “game” required for each (and every) critical seat in a crew boat outrigger.

CORA’s facilitators will guide discussion among guest speakers with experience in each seat, from 1 through 6, as they determine, in front of the audience, how they have worked in their seats in past races, and how they would work together in a race as a first-ever combined group of paddlers. They will, in effect, figure out how to race effectively as a throw-together team.

The audience will be encouraged to ask questions along the way. Please join us for this fun, first-of-the-season Town Hall discussions!

Zoom forum date: Saturday 16 October at 4pm Pacific

CLICK HERE or on image below to view the recorded session.